jonah brucker-cohen
jim campbell
natalie jeremijenko
goland levin
jeffery shaw
ken goldberg
perry hoberman
charlotte davies
david crawford
nicolas clauss
rafael lozano-hemmer
ken feingold
rhizome @ the new museum
bitforms gallery
postmasters gallery
turbulence commissions
by doron goland
adaweb, engage
john freyer, allmylifeforsale
whitney artport: The Whitney Museum Portal to Net Art
keith and mendi obadike, blackness for sale
young-hae chang heavy industries
John F. Simon, every icon
institute for applied autonomy
natalie bookchin's a story of net art(open source)
eyebeam atelier
they rule
open source: programming designed for artists
open source: simple 3-D software designed for narratives
isadora, video performance software
max/msp/jitter, sound and video software tool developer
people doing strange things with electricity
open source: excellent 3-D modeling software

"go ask alice" make your own chatbot that simulates human conversation--(see ken feingold above)
bureau of inverse technology, great ideas and plans to hack devices and culture
intelligent agent, american online magazine providing thoughtful coverage of digital arts
metamute, british online magazine focused on culture and politics regarding the net, italian online magazine covering new media art, electronic music and hacktivism